Lumber and Relationships Both Grow Better With Time

Exceeding expectations for quality

We offer you more choices in this area.  You can always choose the standard NHLA grades.  Or you can choose one of our specialty products - each comes with the Northern Forest Products Stamp of Approval. Whether you choose ripped-to-width and chopped-to-length component parts or one of our Wide As Possible (WAP) products, it has been personally inspected and approved by Northern Forest Products personnel.

More choices in this area mean more solutions to fit your needs, reduce waste and save money.

One way to improve your business is to improve who you do business with.  Consider us at Northern Forest Products.  We have all the high-tech equipment to offer you efficiencies and economies.

We're decidedly modern with the product options we have to offer.  But we're still old-school from the standpoint of maintaining quality and being true to our word.  We even use an old-school word to describe our committment to quality and honesty: Integrity.

Integrity to build a strong relationship. 

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