Meeting Your Needs, Over and Over
 That's How We Add Value

If there's a benefit to working with experienced Lumber People, it's in getting the product that best meets your needs.  Because our people can offer so many solutions beyond the standard NHLA grades, you can choose whichever solution works best for you.  Another advantage of working with the Lumber People is that you get more than just one person working for you.  Sure, you'll have a primary contact here, but soon all of our reps will know you.  So there will always be someone who's familiar with your specifications to give you knowledgeable help.

Our concept of teamwork extends to you and your business.  We believe we're all playing on the same team, which is another reason why you can expect better solutions.  Solutions that go beyond simply filling your order in a timely way.  We'd only be bragging if we didn't put our 140+ years of experience to work for you.  So we take what we've learned from working with businesses like yours - what works and what doesn't.  And we apply solutions that do work for you.

Solutions to help grow your business. 

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