Creating a Continuous "Win/Win" Environment for
 Our Team Members, Our Customers, and Our Vendors

Team Members

We will build our team with people who are dedicated to the following ideas:  proactive vs. reactive approach to responsibilities, open and honest communication, demonstration of support for fellow team members, and positive attitudes.

In return, Northern Forest Products will provide the following environment: conduct all business dealings ethically and with integrity, share Company financial and operations information with all team members, internal promotions when possible, and provide individual incentive plans tied directly to Company profitability.

We feel this "win/win" relationship with our team members is the most important component of our mission statement.  This will ensure that our customers will be served with the highest level of quality products and services available in the industry.  Our vendors will also sense our commitment to consistent and fair long- term relationships.

Customers & Vendors

We will strive to secure consistent and loyal relationships vs. transactions.  For our customers, we will provide a "hassle-free experience", knowledgable salespeople, superior products, competitive pricing, and fast & friendly delivery.  For our vendors, we will seek relationships based on mutual long-term goals, fair and consistent daily interaction, and honest constructive communication.

We will strive to ensure that our mission statement is carried out and mutually beneficial results are realized for our team members, our customers, and our vendors.