The NFP Stamp of Approval - We Guarantee It

Our Guarantee
Cutting Edge means a higher standard of quality.  Our Stamp of Approval means that Northern Forest Products (NFP) personnel have hand selected each piece.  Only boards that meet or exceed your specification for Fixed-Cost Structure components, and NFP species standards for Wide As Possible (WAP) lumber are branded with our Stamp of Approval.

Quality.  We guarantee that WAP units will be superior to NHLA stock units in terms of outside edge yield, clarity, species standards, and overall manufacturing,  Ripped-to-width blanks will meet your clarity and species characteristics standards.

Value.  Because your operation is unique, a discussion with your NFP sales representative is required to fully explain how WAP products can benefit your business.  After talking about your specific application, your cut list, and the stock on hand, we'll decide if our "Yield Guarantee" applies.  For all Cutting Edge products, let one of our seasoned Lumber People provide you with a comparison worksheet of Cutting Edge vs. traditional costing methods.

Satisfaction.  You can always return any Cutting Edge material that doesn't meet the above two guarantees.  NFP will issue a credit for any material consumed that does not pass the "Yield Guarantee" test.  This includes credit for the ripping charges and yield loss.

Our internal Stamp of Approval goes through a 5 step process before being branded into your bundle:

  1. Clarity & Species Standards
  2. Edge Quality
  3. Packaging
  4. Width/Length Match
  5. Tally

Fixed-Cost Structure and WAP Products are both delivered with our Stamp of Approval.