Finally, Something People Wearing the Suits and 
People Wearing the Safety Glasses Can Agree On

Our Cutting Edge solutions were designed to help your entire Company succeed.  Our Cutting Edge products meet Lean Manufacturing concepts head on, and make continuous improvement in your plant easier to achieve.

We are deeply committed to the following concepts to earn your trust and ongoing business:

Exceeding your specifications with higher quality components.  The hand-picked lumber provides the best grain characteristics and region color (plus any other qualities you determine).  Buying component parts on a Fixed-Cost Structure basis helps you better deliver the quality your customers demand.

Optimizing your processes by letting you concentrate on the most profitable areas of your business.  You can reduce rough mill equipment and labor, and spend less time ordering - it's simplified because waste is taken out of the equation.  Order based on what's needed, not by guessing at board feet.

Streamlining your costs by reducing inventory and eliminating doubt about yield.

Cutting Edge is designed to improve your bottom line results.  What makes our solutions unique is that we have the Resources and Integrity to make the Solutions work for you.

Resources.  Solutions.  Integrity. 

Let us show you how working with Lumber People can help your business.


Fixed-Cost Structure and WAP Products are both delivered with our Stamp of Approval.