Still Wanting More About Cutting Edge? 
Here's what People Already Using the Products Have to Say

Still hesitant to call the Lumber People and find out how Cutting Edge products can help grow your business?  We get it.  You've been buying NHLA RWL units forever and it's hard to change.  So don't just take it from us, take it from the people who are already using the products.

 "Since we started using NFP Cutting Edge material ripped to our specifications, we have eliminated much of the ripping process associated with random width material.  The cost and time spent ripping has also been reduced."

Don Melin, Purchasing Manager 
Shaw/Stewart Lumber Company

"We have reduced moulder wait time, cut our raw lumber stocks back, and generated cost certainty for our jobs.  Northern Forest's Cutting Edge program has proven to be just the resource we required to maximize through-put and better utilize our shop time."

Scott Ryerse, Purchasing Manager
Aaron Carlson Corporation

"We received our first shipment of WAP gang ripped solid lumber and it looks great.  The solid lumber guys are excited.  Thanks."

Lori Thorson, Shipping & Receiving Manager
Goebel Fixture Company

Get on the Cutting Edge!  Cutting Edge products come with highly accurate computerized tallies and can be a part of just-in-time inventory control - just establish an ongoing program with us and we'll prepare Quick Ship units that exceed your specifications.  If you need a WAP Quick Ship order so urgently there isn't time for us to sort for length and width, we can supply average length and width data to help you match up the right unit for your application.