You Know How Technology Is Supposed to Save 
Work and Money?  Well, Ours Actually Does

Turning NHLA Bundles Into Material That Works For You

Sure, anyone can go through a bundle and pick out the best boards.  But what do you do with those boards that are the lower part of the grade clarity, or just don't yield well for your known applications?  Our Cutting Edge program was designed with this in mind.  It is easy to fit the A+ boards into most applications.  Our processing involves the remanufacturing and sorting of all boards within the NHLA grade to meet Northern Forest Products quality standards for each species.

Once we discuss your needs, we guarantee that we will never send you a board that isn't what you expect in terms of clarity, desirable species characteristics, and the right width and length match.  Pure and simple, turning NHLA bundles into cost-efficient, usable material boils down to hand selection of the pieces and assessing outside edge and dimensional waste.

To address this issue for our customers, we purchased a highly automated ripping system that allows us to offer alternatives that are based on the unique needs of your business.  The Valu-Rip IV technology has two moving blades and laser optics to make the most of every board.


Minimizing Outside Edge Waste - Our Wide As Possible offering. 



Minimizing Dimensional Waste - Our Fixed-Cost Structure offering. 


For the ultimate in flexibility, consider buying Fixed-Cost Components with a percentage of WAP product for your quick turnaround orders.

What works best for you can be different from month to month, day to day, and order to order.  Our flexible approach allows you to decide what level of value added products and services make sense every time we discuss an inquiry.

Fixed-Cost Structure and WAP Products are both delivered with our Stamp of Approval.