Introducing Wide As Possible (WAP): Because Random Widths and Lengths Can Only Result in Random Results

Let's say your cut list has a lot of variety. And let's say you've invested heavily in your ripping operation; you manage your dimensional waste and your yields are acceptable to you.  You should stick with NHLA units, right?  Maybe not.

WAP lumber is designed to give you a head start in the rough mill processing of your manufacturing cycle.  Using laser optics, our Raimann optimizing ripsaw removes the least amount of unusable outside edge waste from every board. At the same time, we review each piece for clarity, desirable species characteristics, and make width and length sorts to match your applications.

Best Width and Length Yield

A ripped two edge product, WAP helps you get the best yield possible because it comes sorted in 1' length increments, and can be sorted into 1/2" width increments.  Matching widths to your cut list is our specialty, and you can confidently visualize full width rips from the end of WAP units.  Length sorting saves you even more - from 7 to 15% as you move from longer to shorter lengths.

Even if we don't rip or chop component parts for you, discussing ways to improve your length and width yields is a must.  If you need a WAP quick ship unit so urgently that there isn't time for us to sort the widths, we can supply average width data, and the # of courses that fall within narrow and wider width ranges.

Exceeding your specifications through sorting and hand selection for clarity, species standards, and manufacturing quality. For each species, WAP millwork grade lumber meets a higher standard than NHLA grade when it comes to undesirable species characteristics and clarity.

Optimizing your processes
by eliminating edge waste and defects - you get material that's sorted by width and length. Your operator can rip from either edge of the board.  It's usable from the word go.

Streamlining your costs by standardizing edge waste.  You're guaranteed the same rip yield factor every time.  You don't have to worry about a ripsaw operator having a bad day.


Fixed-Cost Structure and WAP Products are both delivered with our Stamp of Approval.