Raimann ProfiRip KR310

Services from the Lumber People

We've invested heavily in equipment that allows us to serve you better.  Our complete milling facility is highlighted by our new, high-tech Raimann optimizing ripsaw.  Using laser optics and two movable blades to help us get the most out of every board - its capabilities are responsible for our Cutting Edge offerings.  The strength of Northern Forest Products has always been our people and their experience.  Now we are armed with some great technology, too.

We also offer finish planing, sanding, chop-to-length, and delivery services.  Click on the links below to get a closer look at our services.



Raimann ProfiRip KR310M

Our Raimann KR310M two moving blade optimizing rip saw uses Valu-Rip IV technology to get the most usable material from every board.  Every board is scanned for width and length, and the solution is automatically determined.  Our experienced operators make override decisions based on species characteristics, customer specifications, and other considerations consistent with our Stamp of Approval guidelines.