Looking for a Good Night's Sleep? 
Try Width and Length Sorted WAP from the Lumber People

Are RWL units, yield fluctuations, and off rips with defects keeping you up at night?  If so, we have the answer for you.

Our Wide As Possible (WAP) units are sorted into 1' length increments, and are also separated into narrow and wide width ranges. An often overlooked factor, 1' length sorting can save you 7-15% as you move from longer to shorter lengths.  In addition, we create 1/2" width increments for certain items for you to match to your cut lists - our inventory of these width ranges can be accessed below.

Besides the width and length yield advantages, why will these units give you a more restful evening?  Here's more to sleep on:

  • WAP units are hand selected for our proprietary Millwork Grade - the clarity is guaranteed to exceed NHLA units.
  • Our additional Stamp of Approval hand selection includes review for desirable species characteristics - boards not meeting these standards are moved to the proper category.
  • Standardized rip factors - our Cutting Edge yield factors are one step closer to you having truly fixed costs that you can rely on.

Matching widths and lengths to your cut list is our specialty.  And you will absolutely LOVE the price.  Call your favorite Lumber Person today for a quote.