Giving You the Edge with a Choice of Products 

Cutting Edge is our commitment to Exceeding Your Specifications, Optimizing Your Processes, and Streamlining Your Costs.  We deliver on this commitment through two unique capabilities:

  1. Our Raimann optimizing ripsaw gets the most out of every board - which means more choices, quality, and value for you.
  2. Our Lumber People Sales Team has over 140 years of industry experience - to help you choose the option that best meets your needs. 


Count on your Northern Forest Products representative to give you an honest assessment of where we fit in the A - Z process of your manufacturing cycle - "A" being the moment RWL hardwoods land at your dock, and "Z" the moment the finished product is shipped to your customer.  We can help you with steps, A, B, C, and maybe even D.  Our Cutting Edge lumber solutions can provide a more streamlined and cost effective way for you to get to "Z".

You can choose one of the following options that offer great advantages over unedged NHLA lumber:

Fixed-Cost Structures - the Ultimate in Predictability

Wide As Possible (WAP) - where Predictability and Flexibility meet.

You want high quality hardwoods, offered at an economical price.  At Northern Forest Products, it is our strong desire to give you usable material that flows through your system smoothly, with pricing structures that make sense, and give you the best opportunity for maximum profitability.

Fixed-Cost Structure and WAP Products are both delivered with our Stamp of Approval.