Need a Rocket Scientist?
Sorry, Nothing But Solid Lumber People Here

"Their sales team works so well together.  Whenever I have any kind of a question, I 
get a quick answer, even when my personal rep isn't there.  They all dig in and get it
 done. Not a lot of layers, just a handful of guys who understand the lumber business,
 and get things done for you. They aren't rocket scientists, just good lumber people."

Roger Comstock, Purchasing Manager
                                               Custom Millwork,  St. Paul  MN


Even though we don't draw up plans for rockets, the Lumber People at Northern Forest Products do provide top quality hardwoods and easy solutions for you.  We are experts at understanding your solid hardwood applications, yield analysis, and assisting with lean manufacturing concepts.

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Lumber People.
Through and Through.

Hardwoods and Easy Solutions for You.

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